Wine serving temperature

Wine serving temperature

To get the perfect flavors and bouquet of particular varietal, serve it at its right serving temperature. There is general rule that red wines are served cool while white wines are best served chilled.

Every wine style has its ideal serving temperature. When wine is served above it,wine will taste flat and flabby with more sensation of alcohol. When it is served below the ideal temperature the aromas and flavors are suppressed and in red wines tannins become harsher and acidity becomes stronger.

Many times you have heard or read that red wines are served at room temperature, but remember it’s not an Indian room temperature.

Every varietal has ideal serving temperature. Here are some basic guidelines for serving.

  • Light dry white wines, rose wines and sparkling wines

These are best served at 5 to 12 degree Celsius to preserve their freshness, fruitiness and crisp. For sparkling, chilling keeps the bubbles fine rather foamy. If white dessert wines are served warm the sweetness suppresses the aroma.So it is also ideal range for white dessert wines because it maintains the balance.

  • Full bodied white wines and light fruity red wines

Serve at 10 to 15 degree Celsius. To get the complex aromatics from full bodied white wines, it is the best range. Also light fruity reds taste more refreshing at this temperature.

  • Full bodied red wines and port wines

These are best served at 15 to 18 degree Celsius. At this temperature the tannins from dry mouth busting full bodied red wines becomes more subtle and tastes less bitter.

Each and every wine has its own serving temperature but again what is just ideal for you is a matter of individual taste.