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Wine aging

The most commonly asked question is how long one can keep wine for aging. There is a common misconception that wine always improves with age. Wine is a live liquid it improves with age, but some mature in few months while some take years to get better. It depends upon the aging potential of wine. Each and every wine has different composition. Some wines have more tannins and less acidity, some have more acidity and less tannins. Some wines are sweet. So, all these factors are responsible for wine aging. Aging changes the structure of wine. It may be good or bad.

Some age worthy varieties are there, which ages gracefully and tastes really great after aging. But the percentage is very less. Premium varieties like ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Zinfandel’ ‘chardonnay’, ‘sauvignon blanc’, ‘Nebbiolo’, ‘syrah’, some vintage port, etc. have good Aging potential. They can age longer and get better with age.

Some wines require only a short period to mature and generally do not benefit from prolonged maturation and aging.  Fresh, fruity whites, Rose and blush wines, light reds are produced for early consumption. These wines are generally released within a year of their production. Aging them longer is neither beneficial nor economical.  So, not all the wines get better with age. Some wines are made to drink fresh.

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