Why Winesutra !

The purpose of winesutra.in is to increase Indian wine lovers by exposing them to the magical world of wine.

In a dipstick study, we found that most people lack basic knowledge about wine, they have so many assumptions about it; and that together play an important role in not choosing wine over other drinks. But most of the people are eager to know more about wine; obviously, without reading long boring books or posts.

Winesutra.in is a place where you learn about wine culture, tasting, making process, etiquette, Indian food pairing etc. in a very simple format. We are putting all wine information in very attractive and simple visual format, which won’t feel like education and still you will learn a lot about wine. Apart from that there will be wine reviews, information about literature and movies related to wine, history and trivia as well.

We believe once Indian consumer upgrades the knowledge about wine, they will be more open to explore wine culture.