Aroma, taste and flavour

Aroma Taste Flavour

Aroma, taste and flavour of wine

Aroma: – it occurs inside of our nose. It is nothing but the smell or odor of volatile compounds present in wine.  When it reaches in our nose, olfactory receptors identify them. Alcohol is the volatile compound present in wine; it gives off a lot of odors.

Taste: –   Taste involves tongue and rest of mouth. Our mouth has two types of receptors. One is taste buds and second is mouth feel. Taste buds are present on all over the tongue. This gives sweet, salt, bitter and sour tastes in wine. There is also a fifth taste that is umami.  Mouth feel is sensed by free nerve endings present in all over the mouth and tongue. It refers to the temperature of wine along with viscosity, burning sensation, prickle and over all sensation of wine.

Flavour: – It is the combination of aroma, taste and mouth feel.  Flavour is the brain’s association between what it smells through the nose, tastes with the tongue and feels in the mouth.

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