Anatomy of a wine glass

Anatomy of a wine glass

There are hundreds of styles of wine glasses for different types and styles of wine.

Choosing a right wine glass is a single most important aspect for good wine tasting experience. It is not a rocket science.

When you pour a great wine in an ordinary glass the wine turns ordinary. It is quite frequent in restaurants but sometimes it happens in wineries and in public tastings also. Wine tasting becomes terrific when it is served in too small or too thick or colored or stained glass. You won’t be able to get the true flavors of wine.

If you want get all the flavors of every wine you test whether it is cheap or expensive, you should invest in good stemware. It is always not too expensive to be good.

You can do a simple experiment.

Take one bottle of white and one bottle of red wine of your choice. Take four or five different types of wine glasses. A big bowl shaped glass, small glass, flute or normal tumbler whichever you have. Then pour white wine in all glasses. Then take a sip from every glass and experience it. The wine in each glass will taste differently. Repeat the same for red wine. You will experience the same thing.

The use of correct wine glass enhances the drinking experience.

There are specific wine glasses for every major varietal and region in the world and they do work. These are required for formal wine tasting or dinner parties. It is not necessary to buy them all. Choose a set of wine glasses that matches your wine buying and drinking habit.


  1. Great description of wine superbly elaborated
    May I know the blending secrets of dry wines n fullbodied wines what are the quantity percentage of each variety of grape blends carefully mixed can I know the secrets

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